Prime Recruitment Services Pak ® is geared primarily to recruit qualified and suitable staff and develop policies and measures for their professional satisfaction, career growth and retention. For this, PRSP proactively prepares and implements systems hinged on merit-based recruitment, equitable policies for competitive compensation packages and a need-based skill enhancement program to further improve the knowledge base of staff and provide them with professional development opportunities.

Besides, the strategy includes proactive talent management through providing hands-on experience to fresh graduates through a two-year on-job training program, enabling young staff to enhance academic and professional qualification at renowned foreign universities, and encouraging students at various local institutions to get exposure to the Exploration and Production sector through internship opportunities.

PRSP also focuses on increased interaction between staff and management and regularly solicits staff input and feedback for further improving PRSP operations and practices. It is also the responsibility of PRSP to stay abreast with new information, skills, and labor laws to effectively manage the company’s human resources and accordingly update policies to enhance staff satisfaction, development, motivation, and retention.

Two major departments work under the Prime Recruitment Services Pak ® function:

  1. Procurement

  2. Training & Development

  3. Internship

  4. PRSP based Scholarships

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