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Specific Guidelines for Employees

  • Conflict of Interests

Employees/ trainees must not engage in activities or transactions which may give rise or seen to have given rise to conflict between their personal interests and the interest of the firm.

  • Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information

Employees/ trainees are expected to safeguard confidential information about the firm activities and must not, without authority, disclose such information to the press, outside source, or employees/ trainees who are not entitled to such information.

  • Political Contribution

No funds or assets of the firm may be contributed to any political party or organization or individual who either holds public office or is a candidate for public office except where such contribution is permitted by law.

  • Bribes and Commercial Payments

An employee/ trainee must not give or receive bribes or other payments, which are intended to influence a business decision or compromise independent judgment nor any employee/ trainee give money to obtain business for the firm or receive money for giving firm business to an outside agency.

  • Proper Recording of Funds, Assets, Receipts and Disbursements

All funds, assets, receipts and disbursements must be properly recorded in the Books of the firm.

  • Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Every employee/ trainee at work must take reasonable care for the health and safety of him/ herself and others, including visitors, who may be affected by his/ her acts or omissions at work and cooperate in the firm's efforts to protect the environment.

  • Smoking Policy

Smoking and exposure of workplace to tobacco poses serious health hazards to employees/ trainees besides potential risks of fire and explosions. Considering this, smoking is permitted only in the designated 'Smoking Areas'.

  • Other Employment, Outside Interests, Civic Activities

PRSP does not allow its employees/ trainees to take any part-time and/ or full-time second employment during employees’/ trainees’ engagement with the firm.

  • Unsolicited Gifts

Accepting gifts that might place an employee/ trainee under obligation is prohibited. Employee/ trainee must politely but firmly decline any such offer and explain that in accordance with the firm's instructions, they are unable to accept the offer.

  • Family Connections and Employment of Relatives

Any dealing/s between staff and outside organizations in which they have a direct, indirect or family connection must be fully disclosed to the management.

  • Firm and Personal Property

An employee/ trainee must not take or use firm’s property or property of another employee/ trainee without permission nor must the employee/ trainee use firm’s property for private purposes without the management's permission.

  • Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol in any form and the use of drugs, except under medical advice, is prohibited at all locations.

  • Gambling

All forms of organized gambling or betting on the firm's premises are forbidden.

  • Rumor Mongering & Gossiping

Rumor mongering, persuasive allegations, accusations and exaggerations with the purpose of negatively influencing and manipulating the minds and emotions of fellow employees/ trainees are strictly prohibited.

  • Harassment

It is the firm's policy to promote productive work environment and not to tolerate verbal or physical conduct by any employee/ trainee that harasses, disrupts or interferes with another's work performance, creates an intimidating, humiliating, offensive or hostile environment.

  • Grievance Handling

PRSP strives to provide a fair and impartial process to its employees/ trainees and ensure timely resolution of their grievance.

  • Whistle Blowing

In order to enhance good governance and transparency, PRSP has introduced a Whistle Blowing Policy. The policy provides an avenue to employees/ trainees and vendors to raise concerns and report legal and ethical issues like fraud, corruption or any other unlawful conduct or dangers to the public or environment.

  • General Discipline

Every employee/ trainee must adhere to the firm's rules of service and make sure that he/ she is familiar with them.

  • Reporting Violations/ Disciplinary Actions

Any violation of this code shall be promptly reported to the Human Resources department by any employee/ trainee having knowledge thereof or reasonable belief that such a violation has occurred.


Careers & Recruitment

Prime Recruitment Services Pak ® employs around 400 staff stationed at various office and operational locations across the country. PRSP provides excellent long-term career prospects, a merit-based and enabling working environment and professional opportunities for both experienced and fresh graduates.

The firm believes in not only attracting talented individuals but also enhancing their skills through training and mentoring and providing motivation through an equitable reward system. PRSP invests heavily in staff development by structuring personalized development plans. PRSP employees are encouraged to develop and improve core technical and soft skills and keep abreast of developments in technology.

Working at PRSP

PRSP staff is challenged to fulfill the firm’s commitment to qualitative growth in compliance with best practices of good corporate governance, international Health, Safety and Environment standards and responsibility to all stakeholders.

The firm keeps its staff reasonably stretched to achieve corporate objectives and provide a sense of professional satisfaction. PRSP staff is expected to contribute towards the business success through creative skills, knowledge base and experience.

Line managers also work to optimize employees’ performance and career development by providing varied and challenging assignments and extending learning opportunities by identifying areas of improvement and additional professional enhancement.

Compensation & Benefits

PRSP offers competitive salaries, benefits and facilities in line with current market trends and ensures that individual contribution is amply recognized and rewarded. Remuneration packages are reviewed regularly based on employee performance.

If you are seeking an exciting career with PPL, kindly keep on checking newspapers/ our website for job advertisements